Mr. Oblivious Book One - Mark Gonyea

Mr. Oblivious Book One

By Mark Gonyea

  • Release Date: 2012-08-12
  • Genre: Humour


This is book one of the collected Mr.Oblivious comic strip written and illustrated by Mark Gonyea. Included in this collection are original thumbnail sketches, photos, black and white artwork and commentary from Mark about each and every cartoon. 

As with most things, Mr.Oblivious began with a question. How many times can you tell the same joke and still make it funny (or at least reasonable funny?) and could it be done in a comic strip? It never dawned on me growing up how many cartoons I watched that were the same story with just a different take. Who's in the mask this week? What wacky invention will the Coyote try today? The list goes on and on. I loved them anyway no matter how many times I watched and still do.

Editor Note: With this book, the text is integrated with the artwork of each page. For best viewing use a device with a larger screen (iPad). Although if you just want to see the cartoons and you've got an iPhone or iPod, I say go for it!